About Hillandale

Hillandale is 2.5ha. garden in an idyllic country setting.

With towering Rhododendrons, a woodland, fern lined spring creek, picturesque dam, and 120m long double herbaceous border.

Hillandale is a magnificent rambling country garden filled with flowers and beautiful mature trees.

Hillandale is the ultimate romantic location for a garden wedding ceremony.

Hillandale is open to Garden Clubs and groups of over fifteen people from late October to late March.

The garden is closed from April to  mid-October.

The Garden

Hillandale is

situated on a deep basalt loam, with the cool climate of the central tablelands. Hillandale is 1200m above sea level and experiences four distinct seasons during the year.Snow falls up to five times a year.

Many of the trees in the garden are up to one hundred years old.The garden is watered by permanent springs


Hillandale offers the ultimate romantic location for your wedding ceremony.

Hillandale has multiple areas to choose from;

Beautifully landscaped dam,

Shady woodland glen with towering old Oak trees and natural spring running through,

Magnificent hundred year old Rhododendrons,

Stunning stonewalled glasshouse,

Rustic shed,

And breathtakingly gorgeous flower beds.

Hillandale is also open to garden clubs or groups of  fifteen or more by appointment during the months of  October through to March.

Hillandale will be open to the public on the 21st and 22nd November2020 from 9am-6pm each day

Hillandale Gardens

287 Eusdale rd Yetholme

NSW  2795